Becoming a Patient

How does one become a patient of Dr. Gina Mortellaro-Gomez?

When Considering becoming a patient, it is important to understand that we don’t work with everyone.  Not everyone inquiring about becoming a patient, becomes our patients – you must qualify for care by having the necessary criteria and being a good clinical fit for our virtual practice.

Steps for becoming a new patient:

  • 1) Brief Questionnaire
    Brief questionnaire to be completed upon inquiring to become a patient. If you meet our criteria for patient care, then you will be scheduled for a 20 min free phone consult with Dr. Gina. << Complete Questionnaire Here >>
  • 2) 20 minute FREE Consult
    During this consult, Dr. Gina and you will become acquainted and go over what it is you are seeking support for. Dr. Gina will also go over a brief review of your health history pertaining to the health issue(s) you are seeking help for and make sure the both of you will be a good clinical fit. If Dr. Gina feels you and her are a good clinical fit, she will then explain a proposed treatment plan of action and discuss with you what the next steps will be to get your treatment process going. The next step will be to get you scheduled for your 1 hour New Patient Tele-Consult with Dr. Gina.
  • 3) Scheduling New Patient Tele-Consult
    Following your complimentary 20 min Consult with Dr. Gina, we will schedule you for your 1 hour New Patient Tele-Consult with Dr. Gina, as well as, have you register with our patient portal.
  • 4) Complete Patient Portal Registration
    Register/Sign-into patient portal and complete the registration.
    After you have been scheduled for your 1 hour New Patient Consult with Dr. Gina, we request that you please register with our Patient Portal. The Patient Portal is where all health care correspondence will take place between you and Dr. Gina, as well as, where all labs, documents and invoices will be uploaded and stored for your easy reference and viewing. You will be brought to the “Healing Traditions Integrated Wellness Patient Portal” upon registering and or signing in. Healing Traditions Integrated Wellness is Dr. Gina’s physical Clinic in Denver Colorado.
  • 5) Complete and Submit ALL New Patient Questionnaires and Forms via the patient portal 48 hours prior to your New Patient Tele-Consult
    Once registered and logged into your patient portal, click on the “Questionnaires Icon” to the right and Complete and Submit ALL “New Patient Questionnaires and Forms”.
    • If you are a fertility patient, please additionally fill out and submit both the “Hormone” and “Fertility” Questionnaires located under “Additional Forms and Questionnaires”.
    • If you are a female patient seeking support for hormonal issues and or other gynecological issues, please additionally fill out and submit the “Hormone” Questionnaire located under “Additional Forms and Questionnaires”.
    • If you are a peri-menopausal or menopausal woman seeking support for hormonal issues and or other gynecological issues, please additionally fill out and submit the “post-menopausal/peri-menopausal”  Questionnaire located under “Additional Forms and Questionnaires”.
  • 6) New Patient Tele-Consult (1 hour)
    Your 1 hour New Patient Tele-Consult Includes the following:
    • A Review of your complete medical history as it pertains to your precise health issues.
      A Review and discussion of your answers to our in-depth health questionnaires that you will have completed and submitted via the patient portal prior to your New Patient consult.
    • Discuss Dr. Gina’s recommendations for lab work that she would like to have on you based on the information you provided in the health intakes you completed.
      • We will place the orders for all lab work. You will either go to a LabCorp Center for your blood draws and/or you will be sent salivary, stool, or urine test kits that you will need to completed yourself, at home and send back to the labs.
      • Patients are responsible for ALL costs of labs. Costs for labs vary depending on the amount and depth of lab work ordered. Costs can range between $150-$1200. On average new patient lab costs are between $500-$750 which will provide you with very extensive and in-depth lab investigation.
    • Provide you with a beginning treatment plan which will include:
      • Beginning dietary therapy and nutrition coaching
        • Includes sample menus, easy to follow dietary handouts, shopping lists, and TONS of recipes.
        • Beginning nutritional supplement protocols
  • 7) Ordering Lab work
    Following your New Patient Tele-Consult, Orders for Lab work are placed and Lab requisitions are provided to you which will you bring with you and present to the LabCorp Center at the time of your blood draw. For LabCorp Locations please visit –LabCorp Location and to schedule your blood draw, please visit:  Lab Test Kits (ie: Stool, Salivary, Urine) are ordered and sent out to you. Once your test kits are received, you will be collecting your samples (stool, urine and or saliva – depending on the test kits ordered for you). Follow ALL instructions for collections, packaging and shipping back to labs. Depending on the labs being ran, turn around time for results can take up to 1-4 weeks from time of blood draw and or from when labs receive completed test kits. Once ALL lab results are back, we notify you and direct you to schedule your 1.5 hour Report of Findings (ROF) Tele-Consult with Dr. Gina via the patient portal.
  • 8) Report of Findings (ROF) Tele-Consult (1.5 hour)
    Your ROF Tele-Consult Includes:
    • Go over an initial review of your functional blood chemistry analysis and results from other lab work ordered (ie: Stool, Urine, Salivary). This will include being provided with written analysis reports detailing and explaining your individualized lab results.
      • Lab work will be ordered, collected, analyzed prior to your Report of Findings (ROF) Consult.
    • Provide you with a more in-depth treatment plan which will include:
      • Lab-based nutritional supplement and dietary protocols
      • Customized Chinese herbal therapy (if applicable)
      • A host of nutritional, dietary and educational handouts and resources which includes, shopping lists, sample menus and TONS of recipes.

Start the Process NOW for becoming a New Patient by completing and submitting a Brief Questionnaire: