Breast Health

Many studies reported in Chinese Medical Journals suggest that women with fibrocystic breast disease, premenstrual breast distention and pain, and benign breast lumps should seek acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine to significantly decrease their discomfort!Almost every month, research from the Chinese medical literature report on studies of women with various benign breast diseases. These women are experiencing significant improvements in their conditions, with as many as 90% or more reporting complete disappearance of their symptoms.For example, Dr. Wang Fa-Chang, writing in the Shandong Journal of Chinese Medicine, reported that 90 patients were treated with the same herbal formula for three months. At the end of that time, 97.8% reported that their symptoms were completely gone or significantly improved.In a second study reported in the Human Journal of Traditional Medicine, Dr. Mi Xang reported a 95.31% improvement rate treating 128 cases of fibrocystic breast disease using acupuncture!Modern Western medicine, for all its many great benefits in our lives, has little to offer women suffering from premenstrual breast distention and pain, or fibrocystic breast disease. But based on current research, we know that Chinese medicine most assuredly does!What’s better, these treatments are currently available in the United States from practitioners of Chinese Medicine.Using a combination of Chinese Herbal Medicine taken internally and/or applied topically, acupuncture, exercise and diet and lifestyle modifications, women in the US can experience the same results seen among the Chinese women reported in the research. For more information on the Chinese Diagnosis and treatment of benign breast disease, we recommend that you read Better Breast Health Naturally, by Honora Lee Wolfe, available on or
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