Cupping is a therapy designed to stimulate the flow of Qi and blood within the superficial muscle layers. It is useful for sore muscles, tension, neck pain, chronic back & low back pain, acute sprain and injury and the common cold.

  • In this therapy the acupuncturist will place small to large glass “cups” over specific areas on the body.
  • A vacuum or negative pressure is created inside the glass cup using heat just before it’s placed on the skin. This vacuum or negative pressure causes the skin to be gently pulled inside the cup, manipulating the internal environment under the skin as deeply as 4 inches.
  • The cups are then moved over a specific area or left in place.
  • Treatment usually takes up to 20 minutes.
  • This technique may cause bruising and redness. This is the desired result as this indicates that the superficial muscle layers have released any deep tension in the muscles.
  • The negative pressure suction utilized during cupping therapy works to:
    1. Loosen Adhesions and Lifts Connective Tissue.
    2. Drain Excess Fluids and Toxins.
    3. Increase Blood Flow to Undernourished and/or Stagnant Areas.