Dermatology, Allergy & Immunology

Skin disorders in their various forms are amongst the most common diseases suffered by mankind, accounting for roughly 1 in 5 of all visits to outpatient departments in the Western world. Despite this prevalence and the resources put into this field, many patients are dissatisfied with the conventional treatments available to them, and look elsewhere for solutions.

Chinese herbal medicine has a very effective and enduring answer for a significant number of sufferers of many skin conditions. It can produce spectacular and lasting changes in a whole range of intractable conditions such as:


Dr. Gina is Board Certified in Chinese Dermatology and completed the Year long TCM Diplomat program in Practical Dermatology under world renowned Chinese Medicine Dermatologist, Mazin Al-Khafaji and successfully passed the Chinese Dermatology Board Certifying Examination. This Diplomat program included extensive training in the application of effective Dermatological, Allergy and Immunology treatment protocols for a variety of Skin Disease (see above), Allergic Rhinitis, and autoimmune conditions such as, Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.  

The International 
TCM Dermatology Association is a non-profit organization that has been inspired by the life long work of renowned Chinese Medicine Dermatologist, Mazin Al-Khafaji.
It’s aims are to help skin disease sufferers locate Chinese Medicine practitioners worldwide who have been trained in the application of effective Dermatological, Allergy and Immunology treatment protocols, and to inform the public of the immense benefits Chinese herbal medicine has to offer in the treatment of Skin Disease, Allergic Rhinitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Including Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis) and to up-keep the highest standards of clinical practice.