Pregnancy Tips

Adequate Nutrition

  • 2,000-2,600 calories daily with a minimum of 75 grams of protein daily.
  • A decrease in a 1/3 of the calories needed will cause 1/2 of the protein to be used for metabolism and will be equivalent to only 40g of protein daily.
  • Adequate nutrition prevents – Toxemia/Pre-eclampsia/Contracted blood volume, Low birth weights, difficult deliveries and decrease intelligence in newborn.
  • Adequate nutrition – Nourishes the Liver, Placenta and blood volume expansion.
  • From the Chinese Medical perspective, it is important to be ingesting warm, cooked foods and drinking warm or room temperature fluids while avoiding consuming overly cold, iced drinks, cold, raw or uncooked foods as cold, raw or iced foods and fluids are damaging to both the digestion (spleen and stomach), as well as, the reproductive system.

Recommended Treatment during Pregnancy for “General Wellness”:

  • Onset of pregnancy –> 16 weeks: Weekly treatment
  • Week 17–> Week 28: Monthly treatment
  • Week 29–>Week 36: Treating 2x per month
  • Week 37 –> Week 40: Weekly Treatment