Testimonial from Jennifer L.
Dr. Gina is absolutely wonderful. I was looking for help regarding fertility issues my husband and I were having and getting very little from my OBGYN at the time. I was so lucky to have a good friend who knew Dr. Gina and was even more blessed to have the opportunity to talk with her. Right away Dr. Gina’s compassion and knowledge shined. She put me at great ease and justified my feelings over our experiences. She diagnoses and aids with extreme expertise but also a lot of heart to get to the root of any patients ailments. She is very clear with her explanations and empowers you with real knowledge of how the body works so you know exactly how you are tackling a situation and why.  But truly the most unique and important thing I can mention is how much time she gives her patients and how quickly she responds. From the littlest of questions to big panicked worries, I was in awe of her calm, kind energy and expediency to answer emails or calls and check in all the time. Dr. Gina truly treats you like family instead of a clinical chart and I highly recommend her to anyone needing a Fertility Specialist or any of the other services she provides.
Testimonial from Brooke L.
Gina and Healing Traditions Integrated Wellness literally changed my life for the better. I first went to Gina for fertility because I was wondering why I was not getting pregnant when there was seemingly no medical issues. Together we got to the root of the underlying anxiety and insomnia issues that were causing major hormonal imbalances through doing detailed blood chemistry analysis combined with Chinese Medical diagnosis. Correcting those imbalances would create a much more comfortable home for a baby to grow.
She worked with me by integrating Western Functional Medicine with acupuncture, prescribing Chinese herbal therapy and coaching me on diet and lifestyle changes.
I almost immediately noticed a difference. I was able to successfully go off the antidepressant I was taking. I had WAY more energy, I was sleeping better, my skin looked great and I dropped 10 lbs without any effort.
Eight months after I first saw Gina I found out I was pregnant! After my husband, she was the very next person I told. I had a very healthy pregnancy and delivery and soon after, I delivered the most perfect little girl. My family moved out of state last year and my visits with Gina are one of the biggest things I miss about Denver. I don’t know that I’ll ever meet a practitioner like her again but I will sure try! In the meantime anything I put in my mouth, any medicine or vitamin I take I always stop to think ‘what would Gina say.’ 
Testimonial from Emily P.
I started going to Gina about three years ago after being unable to conceive for several years. My husband and I had been through several medical interventions, and nothing seemed to be working. My doctor recommended that I look into acupuncture, so I searched for an acupuncturist near me and found Healing Traditions. I’m so glad I did!
At my first appointment, I explained that I was really nervous about needles, and Gina put me at ease. At each appointment, she would take the time to really listen to me. She would explain what we were treating and why, and how it was viewed in both western and eastern philosophies.
I won’t say that the process was easy or quick, but it was effective. She got me looking at my body and lifestyle in a whole new light, and completely changed how I live, think, and eat. It was hard at first to make these changes to my diet and harder still to start thinking positively about my situation, but I feel so much healthier now! And — best of all — I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
Gina is one of the kindest, most supportive, and most knowledgeable medical professionals I have ever met.
I recommend anyone struggling with fertility issues to give Gina and Healing Traditions a call.
Testimonial from Justine M.
My husband and I tried to conceive for approximately 3 years.  One year we just tried and tired, with no intervention and no success.  The second year we went to a fertility group and began our endless tests to determine what was wrong.  After about 1 year, a lot of money, tons of drugs that I needed to take orally and inject myself with and 2 rounds of IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), we were again unsuccessful and the doctors had no reason why. I learned of Gina and Healing Traditions through a friend from work.  She told me about Gina and that she sees her to help manage her pain but she said she always hears and sees woman who are either pregnant or trying to get pregnant, coming and going from the office when she has her appointments.  She told me Gina’s reputation was very good in helping with infertility.  At this very time, I was looking for a Chinese Medicine Dr/group to seek treatment through.  I had heard through friends that Eastern Medicine can sometimes be successful with infertility.  I was so happy for the referral but had no idea what was to come. When I first met with Gina and discussed our difficulty and desires, I automatically felt like I had found a medical professional who would hear me.  She gave me so much time (at every appointment actually) and so much attention.  It was a bit unfamiliar to be honest!  There was a lot of work to do, she explained, and the more I stuck to her protocol, the better the outcome would be.  I needed to change my diet to more clean, green and healthy intake.  I needed to lessen my alcohol, my sugar, my gluten, my caffeine (and by lessen, I mean if you could cut it out fully that was great but……..I got really close though)!  I was to start on herbs, vitamins, cleanses and shakes that she prescribed and that I would be on (some) for the majority of our work together.  Gina had her work cut out for her too!  She explained that she needed to clean out my body/system of not only all of the junk I put in it with the “unclean” food I ate, but of the Western Medicines hormones and medicine they put into my body over the past year as well.  Then, she explained, she would begin to build up my system, in the areas that was determined I was lacking (through her bi-weekly analysis).  These words I will never forget:  She said it would take about 5-6 months to clear my system out and begin building it up to help create and support a baby.  From month 5 or so she would begin treating me specifically for the infertility.  She explained that if we are not successful by month 10 or so, she would probably discontinue the treatment.  She said that she didn’t want to continue it past that point because, basically, if nothing happened at that point, she couldn’t really help anymore and didn’t want to just continue with treatment and costs, if chances seemed slim (I am paraphrasing but that’s what I heard in my head).  My husband and I began our search for adoption agencies and even chose one to go through.  They had a waiting list of 1 year. We put our name on it.  It seemed like a sign.  We agreed that we would give 1 year to Chinese Medicine, while we wait for our name to come up on the waiting list with our adoption agency.  What harm could it do?  We weren’t 100% sold on Eastern Medicine but we were going to give it a shot, out last and final one to biologically have a child. I jumped in full force, as did Gina.  I was pretty meticulous about my diet change and cooked my herbs, took my vitamins, mixed my shakes and tracked my body temperature as she taught me.  I read the books and searched the internet for articles and information that she told me about.  I went to Gina and began the acupuncture sessions.  We had lengthy, bi-weekly appointments where she would assess my progress, etc.  and she would determine where her focus and treatment needed to be each time. 4 months into our treatment and work together, I had become pregnant!  4 months!!!  Gina was as happy as I was it seemed and she began to treat me now for a healthy pregnancy.  After my first trimester and the baby appeared safe and sound, she sent me on my way.  I saw her towards the end of my pregnancy for her assistance in getting my body prepared for birth and delivery, etc.  I must finish by saying what a firm believer and receiver of Easter Medicine I now am.  Not only because of what Gina helped me/us achieve, but because of how the changes and the treatment made me feel as a whole.  I felt so much better, physically and mentally, when following the protocol and it spilled over because at 40 years old, I had the best and easiest pregnancy, labor and delivery than anyone I know!  Now, we have been given the wonderful gift of a little, healthy, beautiful, fun, happy, calm, sweet boy.  We thank our journey, our God and Gina for this gift because we (my husband and our families) do not think this would have been possible without her intervention, knowledge, compassion, empathy and practice.  If we had had a girl, her middle name would most definitely have been Gina. 
Testimonial from Amy D.
I first started seeing Gina four years ago when I had recently begun suffering from severe insomnia. I had always been a great sleeper, but out of nowhere, I was unable to fall asleep or stay asleep. I was getting only 1-3 hours of sleep a night, and it was beginning to affect my physical, mental and emotional well-being. I didn’t know where to turn, so I first went to my general practitioner. She only prescribed me sleeping pills, which I was not interested in taking. I wanted to find a more natural way of dealing with this problem, and that is when I decided to try acupuncture. From the first time I spoke with Gina over the phone and heard how kind and understanding she was, I knew that was the right decision.   At my initial consult, Gina took the time to learn about me and my health history. I was so used to seeing a doctor for 5-10 minutes, that I couldn’t believe Gina spent two hours with me. Instead of giving me a pill to solve the symptoms of my problem, she was able to get to the root of the problem and treat the deficiency that was causing me to not be able to sleep. Gina gave me acupuncture treatments and prescribed me an herbal formula. After several weeks, I was once again sleeping through the night. Although it took a little bit of time to balance things out, I felt much better doing that than taking sleeping pills. Since that time, I have continued to see Gina. I have had two children, and Gina has helped me through the postpartum period for both. She is incredibly knowledgeable on health, nutrition, and combining Chinese medicine with western medicine. I cannot say enough great things about Gina. I truly believe that she has helped me more than any other health care provider, and I trust her completely. We are very fortunate to have such a talented practitioner in our area. Aimee D.
Testimonial from Maria G.
I sought out Gina’s services after being unable to conceive for two years. I had been with two practitioners prior to Gina, and knew from the beginning, she was exceptionally different and had so much passion for what she does.
The road we traveled was not always easy and she told me from the beginning that if I followed what she recommended, I will get my desired result. She had more confidence and faith in me than I did in myself at times. This journey was an emotional roller coaster, but Gina was always there cheering me on, and provided me with all the resources to succeed. 
Our story had the best ending it could, Avery Kathryn was born in February, 2013. We are extremely appreciative for what Gina and Gary did for us. There are not enough words to express our gratitude.

For anyone out there struggling with fertility issues, I highly recommend seeking out the services that Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine can provide. We are only one couple out of many that had a happy ending. I guarantee that you cannot find a more hard working, compassionate couple out there truly dedicated to restoring health in women and helping bring healthy and beautiful babies into this world.
Testimonial from Anna H.
My treatments of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine with Gina have help me tremendously.  I have seen Gina for several ailments, including a broken elbow, low back injury, body heat, irregular periods, extreme PMS, and everyday health.  The treatments to my elbow opened blockages and healed the area in 3 weeks.  Orthopedics were amazed and shocked.  My body heat and PMS have subsided remarkably.

Gina as a practioner is a warm and caring person, easy to develop into a working friendship with.  A highlight of my week is to spend a relaxing and healing visit with her.  I highly recommend trying a few sessions and you will see for yourself.  – Anna H
Testimonial from Lyn S.
Testimonial from Lyn S.
My name is Lyn and what has happened this past eight months has turned my life around. I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis August of 2010.  A month in my home country of the Philippines being cared for by family and a faith healer, I was back to the Western Dr.’s who still wanted to administer drugs with no future prognosis I would accept. My husband researched the Eastern practice of Accupuncture and we decided on Gina. This past six months under the careful, professional and caring hands of Gina, I am now remarkably on the road to a full recovery. Gina has been nothing short of a blessing. She has helped me in my diet, exercise and healing process to the point that my whole being is so much better than I ever dreamed.
I fully endorse Gina as a fabulous practitioner, a seasoned herbalist and with the loving bedside manner that will always be appreciated.   – Lyn S
Testimonial from Jessica T.
We had been trying to get pregnant for about 4 years prior to doing acupuncture with Gina.   We exhausted all the medical options prior to in-vitro but didn’t want to go there, and had also tried to get pregnant via holistic methods that focused on the endocrine system.
We felt very comfortable with Gina from the start.  First of all, the environment she creates is so soothing and comforting (which was a major issue I had with the first acupuncturist I went to).  Second, she is just so personable and genuine.  My husband and I are truly grateful to have found Gina.  Nine months of treatment with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Gina’s recommended dietary and exercise routine, I became pregnant.  I would say it took a lot of commitment on my part (but as anybody who’s been trying to get pregnant would know, you are willing to do anything); it wasn’t just about the needling part of acupuncture, it was Gina’s passion, experience, commitment, and belief in Oriental Medicine that helped me start my family.  I am also so happy and fortunate to have seen Gina for acupuncture treatment during my pregnancy.  I truly believe that it helped my pregnancy and labor go smoothly.  My husband and I continue to tell everyone we know in our situation to seek help from Gina and Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine. – Sincerely, Jessica T
Testimonial from Scott H.
I started seeing Gina for a pain in my right foot and right lower leg.  I was training for a half marathon and was in excruciating pain and no one was able to alleviate the pain.  On my first visit with Gina she took an extremely thorough evaluation and intake.  I chose to see Gina specifically because of her sports and performance specific credentials.  Within two weeks of seeing Gina the first time I was back running pain free.  I am so impressed with Gina’s professionalism and her caring demeanor that I have recommended several of my good friends to Gina.  I will continue utilizing Gina’s expertise as my personal acupuncturist forever.  – Scott H
Testimonial from Laura K.
I haven’t been able to get any shoes or boots on in over two months, and yesterday, for the first time, I put on my paddock boots and went and played with my horse, and today I put my riding boots on and RODE!!! There is no pain at all, even with the boots on. Woo hoo!!  You are a genius. Thank you. – Laura K
Testimonial from Michelle C.
   I hope that if anyone is struggling as much as I did or needs to try a different avenue in which Western Medicine is not working for them, I hope that they would consider checking out Healing Traditions.  Gina has a strong desire and determination to help you with your health issues.  I Thank You Gina from the bottom of my heart and so does my husband and beautiful baby girl Laci Michelle.  

Here is my story…
My name is Michelle and I had always dealt with painful menstrual periods since they began back when I was eleven years old.  I was told by my Grandmother and Mother that it was normal and to just adjust.  I did and throughout the years, I continued to adjust.  I entered my thirties and found I was struggling once a month for approxiamately 11 days out of 21 days I was in horrible pain. 
    My cycles came every 20-21 days and 11 of them started with horrible rolling, squeezing, occassionally popping pain to my right pelvis.  I would lay in a fetal position in bed on a heating pad and avoid sitting at all possible as it made the pain worse.  If I was at home, I would be on my toes screaming in pain and in tears waiting for the cramps to subside.  As a nurse, I could not show my pain to co-workers, patients and or physicians so I would silently hold myself stiff, sweat, attempt to breath and act as if nothing were happening, when really I wanted to just pass out.  It got so bad as I was getting older, that I found myself calling into work when those eleven days of  the month came around.  Of course, I could not take all eleven days off, so I would take a couple of days with one at the OBGYN ‘s office for pain medication and one day to do heat, rest, hot baths and gear up for the next set of my twelve hour shifts for work.  In addition to medication, my doctor recommended me to have laparoscopys to remove over growth of tissue to help give me relief of some of the pain.  Sometimes it helped and other times it did not.  I was told by the last specialist unless he was able to do an old procedure with involving cutting a nerve that feeds into the Uterus and such is responsible for some of the pain, and then change the position of my Uterus and Ovaries, I will always endure severe pain and never be able to have children.  My prayer every month was that I wanted to have one healthy baby.  A baby could help this horrid disease is what doctors and so many other women who have had this terrible disease were telling me. 
   My husband and I tried and tried for about eight years.  My last Laparoscopy was performed by a very well known specialist.  I had the surgery and he and his partner planned a 1 &1/2 hour surgery which turned into a four hour surgery.  Sixteen different procedures were done with the inclusion of the cutting of nerves to block pain, and as I had mentioned above he was the surgeon who manipulated and sutured my organs in different places.  I was then officially diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (bleeding and ulcers in the bladder).  I came back home after two weeks of recovery in horrid pain.  Diagnosed with Vulvodynia Vestibulitis which is burning sensation to the perineal area as well Pudendal Nerve Entrapment.  That is where the nerves that supply (one) each side of inner pelvis feeds the sensation to your whole perinal area.  I was in severe, excruciating pain.
   Western medicine had me going back and forth seeing a Urogynecologist Nurse Practioner to inject the bladder with a steroid, lidocaine 5%, bicarbanate and heparin solution every 2-3 days a week for approxiamately 4 months.  To avoid narcotics as I had wanted to for certain reasons, I was given a topical 2% Lidocaine gel to use for external pain.  I had Pudendal Nerve Blocks which would last about 4 days or not at all if they missed injecting the area of the Pudendal Nerve.  By the end of 4 months of Lidocaine usage, I felt myself becoming toxic.  I was sick, trembling like and alcoholic drying out and I felt severly confused.  The Nurse Practitioner said, ” Impossible. You can not get toxic from lidocaine in this method of usage. ”  I refused treatment that day and it was rough going from then on.  I asked my husband crying in disbelief, exhaustion with Western Medicine, “now what and where do I go from here.”  I was tired, felt powerless and helpless.
   My husband referred me to Gina Mortellaro-Gomez, Chinese Medicine Doctor in her own practice Healing Traditions.  I had never given much credit for Eastern Medicine.  But why?  I had never tried it.  So, how can you judge something that you have not ever tried.  I decided to give it a chance.  She got me in right away.  I was amazed by her expertise for being so young.  She sat me down and thoroughly retrieved my health history entirely and what Western Medicine currently had me doing.  She cleared their slate grabbed my hand and with a light tear in her eye but composing herself said, ” I am going to do my best to help you with your pain and also hopefully help your body conceive. ”  I had felt a peaceful relief and really believed in her and in Chinese Medicine.
   We got busy that day.  She did accupuncture.  Very gentle, with little to no pain.  She also put together a Tea mixture for me to cook up myself at home.  She must have studied hard pharmaceutically.  She knew what to combine what with what in her pharmacy.  I followed her orders with a basal body temperature charting.  It felt strange at first but I adjusted just like anything.  I believe I saw Gina for 3-6 months for treatments, to report to her my menstrual cycles and basal body temperatures/ovulation charts and to get my Chinese Medicinal tea.  I was teaching warm water aerobics at the time as I was limited to what I could do with my pain.  I was starting to  experience pain relief.  So that is what kept my faith in going back.  Sometime in September of 2010, I was confirmed pregnant.  NO KIDDING!!!!  I could not believe it.  After eight long years with many of them in horrid pain, surgeries and the aweful non-stop of narcotics prescribed for the pain.
   My husband got his visit first at work for the ” YES, we are PREGNANT! ”  Then the one person that popped into my head was the beautiful angel faced, Gina.  She was notified second.  She deserved that call.  She had such compassion and empathy with working with me.  It was if she had no other patients waiting for her in the office, when I knew she was so busy.  She had gentle hands and a brain that I could look into her eyes and see the cells going to work developing my treatment plan.
   I honestly have to say, I have never in my life placed much credit into Chinese Medicine, Eastern Medicine.  I am a Nurse, so I always believed in Western Medicine was the way to go.  However, I said to myself, ” I have got to try this. I have nothing left to try. ” I now have a whole new belief in Eastern Medicine and recommend it to those who are not getting much helpl
   I hope that if anyone is struggling as much as I did or needs to try a different avenue in which Western Medicine is not working for them, I hope that they would consider checking out Healing Traditions.  Gina has a strong desire and determination to help you with your health issues.  Thank You Gina from the bottom of my heart and so does my husband and beautiful baby girl Laci Michelle.
   I am so glad that I tried it.  I would not be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritially complete as I feel today.  – Michelle C